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Music & Philosophy


Musician   Philosopher

Educator   Art Historian

About Us

This project, which aims to bring music and philosophy together; includes performances to be held n different venues (church and small) once a week for 2 hours, as well as group training with pad lesson hours.

The performances bring together the concepts of "workshop" and "concert" and are to provide the participants with theoretical knowledge through an aesthetic experience. In this respect, t has both an artistic and educational function. It develops n the focus of a chosen theme; this theme can be a musician, period or concept.

During the performance, Oya Ergün's musical experience and Pelin Dilara Colak's storytelling follow each other. It s aimed to deepen the musical experience by transferring the philosophy behind the composition to the audience.

Apart from performance organizations, philosophy and music training open to everyone, lasting one hour a week, are also planned. Oya Ergün with her albums and concerts n London for a year and Pelin Dilara Colak with her popularity on the digital platform have an audience that may be sufficient at the beginning for the project to be realized.

Oya Ergun

Praised for her pristine voice and authentic interpretation of the classical and folk repertoire, Oya Ergün is an internationally performing musician and educator. A zealous musician-singer, Ergün produced and released three albums that avalable to listeners around the world via “Spotify” and “Tunes.” From Turkish and Azerbaijan folk and classical songs to the seventeenth-century European Baroque aras these recordings offer a wide range of repertoire list, combining sounds of the world from East to West.

Pelin Dilara Colak

Pelin Dilara Colak, who has two master's degrees, one n philosophy and the other n art history, s currently pursuing her doctorate n the philosophy department. She considers art theory, artistic experience and aesthetics, has academic articles and conference papers in this field. In addition to her academic studies, she has been producing philosophical content that everyone can understand on various digital platforms for building a bridge between the academy and society. Her project, Dilozof, with over 250 thousand subscribers, s the biggest philosophy based community n Turkey.

Planning Project


1 day 2 hours per week (4 performances per month; 12 performances per year)


June 1 - Intal meeting

Reviewing the details of the project and determining the theme of 12 events to be held for a year, starting preparations for the event contents

Starting social media and website work

July 15 - Submission of deas

Presenting the prepared detailed project file and event calendar to venues, organizations and schools

Announcement of promotion and advertisement announcements about one-to-one or group training to be organized on social media and website​

August 15 - Reasons

Fnalzaton of the work schedule and evaluation of possible changes to be made on the project, depending on the feedback and records received

September 1 - Execution

Announcement of the finalized annual calendar and start of the project

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